Hottest Punk Styles For Winter & Autumn 2012

For various teenagers, they may be quite familiar with punk fashion as it is very
cool! But if you let me give you the concrete definition of punk styles, it is
a little difficult for me. As far as I know, punk styles ranges in various
fields, including clothing, hairstyle, cosmetics, jewelry, body modifications and
so on. Now in the autumn and winter of 2013, punk styles will no doubt lead top
Taylor Momsen
Punk styles can be dated back to 1970s. As time goes by , it has already evolved
into a kind of subcultures and movements. People always associate punk styles
with glam rock, skinheads, rude boys, greasers and mods ,while that’s not the
exact truth. Punk state a kind of lifestyle, a kind of free, artistic, cool
attitude towards life. So it can present a kind of chic and delicate sense.
This year, you can find the rejuvenation of various classical elements.
Leather jacket ,as the most fashionable punk elements, you can’t miss them. From short
cycle jackets to extravagant bomb jackets, different styles will endow you with
different feeling. What’s more, Split joint jackets are thought to be very
popular. If you are looking forward to a wild style, you can try the jackets
with rivets .By the way, long sleeve plaid shirts are suitable to match your
jacket as they look casual.
Washed denim jeans will ensure you a stylish
appearance wherever you go. Slimming cut styles will still lead the trend. More
and more designers prefer to attach some artistic patches or holes on these
jeans so as to create a leisure and artistic sense.
Don’t forget to select a pair of idea shoes. For male, England style boat shoes and
leather shoes with pommels are both ok. For female, versatile spiky shoes, long
boots are just in.