Milan Fashion Week- Versace Spring & Summer Collections 2013

As 2013 is approaching, various reputable brands have released their spring and summer collections for 2013. Versace is among one of those brands. The well-known brand Versace will bring what kind of visual shock to us, let’s just view the show.


It seems that Versace will promote its enchanting design concept in the forthcoming year. Bold and glamorous design will no doubt highlight the perfect proportion of the wears’ figure. What’s more, pierced slimming cut will signify the revolution of modern girls.


Brunt orange, sophisticated black, elegant sea blue, and enchanting red, all those colors contribute to a great feast to people’s eyes.


What’s more, lace and tassels can be widely found in Versace 2013 collections. Exquisite decorations make the design full of Renaissance sense.