Straight Wig Application – Nature Hairline Show and Tutorial

Today I would like to share this video by my friend. You know, she is really a hairstyle expert. At least, I think so. She can always come up with some really amazing hairstyles ideas. Sometimes, she always show us some hairstyle tutorial.


Now, let’s start.

Some girls would like to change their hairstyles frequently. For example, me. My natural hair is blond and wavy. Every time , I go to salon with excitement, while after that , I would regret the choice. It really do great harm to my original hair. So my friend just suggest me try a lace wig. Though I haven’t did so yet because I am a little afraid that it would look unnatural. Then, she shared such a video.


1、Of course, you should get a lace wig.

2、Prepare a headgear in Flesh color and then wear it.


3、Prepare a roll of Elastic belt. Measure , and then cut the equilong stretch rite and then sewed it to your lace wig in order to control the tight and loose.


4、Apply the lace wig .


5、Pick out your natural hairline with a comb.


6、Attention: To look more natural, you can modify the hairline with simple make-up.